At no time in our history has there been greater desire, interest and need for alternative forms of health care. The Acutonics® System of Healing and Education answers these needs, by drawing on science, music, metaphysics, ancient truths, philosophical traditions, and both Eastern and Western medicine to create an integrated and harmonic approach to health care and healing.

As flutist I trace my musical and spiritual roots through the mitochondrial DNA to the first Alchemical man and woman born in east Africa.

In Africa of old the spiritual world was not separated from other spheres of human endeavor. All things material and immaterial were linked to the needs of the society. Hence an African flute was not just an African flute it was a work of art and also a spiritual expression.

Throughout time and across all cultures, music and sound have been an integral part of ceremony, ritual, and healing. In every cosmology and mythology sound is a major link, the carrier wave between the world of the spirit and the people of Earth.

The Pythagorean concept of the Music of the Spheres is the central mystery, theology, and cranial philosophy of the Acutonics system.

Pythagoras concluded that when the planetary spheres revolved, musical sounds were made and harmony was created. The planetary speeds measured the same ratio as musical concordances and the sounds emitted by their movements create the harmony of the universe.


The Acutonics tuning forks are the ultimate manifestation of a vision held by Tomaso Campanella, a 16th century renegade Dominican, who was of the heretical heliocentric persuasion. He passionately believed that there would someday be new instruments to allow humanity to hear the Music of the Spheres in the same way that the telescope made the celestial bodies visible. The harmonics of the Acutonics tuning forks represent the elliptical orbits of each planet realizing Campanella’s vision.


In 1930, Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician, took the orbital velocities formulated by Johannes Kepler, and translated them into the musical tones useing the Acutonics system.


Building on this Ancient wisdom traditions, the Acutonics practioner, skillfully helps to facilitate and direct the flow of healing vibrations specific to the areas which will remove blockages and restore with healing energy.