As stewards the most important thing we can do is be of service to people.   We manifest this by providing clients with a comforting and trusting environment.   Within this healing space Ray listens carefully to how language is used as a client describes his state of health because the words, a person uses actually determines the feelings in the moment.

Ray guides the client to into a state of deep relaxation in order to align the subconscious with the healing intent.  He then begins the treatment by activating the tuning fork and applies it directly to a point on the body.   He may use several different frequencies on the same point.  He may also incorporate singing bowls towards the end of the treatment. The process takes about an hour.  You can expect to enter a deep state of relaxation during the vibrational session.  When the session is concluded you may wish to lie on the table and take a few minutes to come back to your  “normal” waking life.  The client may then share any reflection s/he has about the experience.

First treatment, with consultation$90. 90 minutes
Second treatment$60.60 minutes
Third treatment$FREE. 60 minutes
Boulder Sound therapy is adaptable to the clients’ needs
Home /Nursing home visits available upon request
Any suggestions on how to improve your experience are encouraged and welcome